Welcome to Smáralind

About Smáralind

  • Icelands's largest shopping center.
  • Over 90 shops and businesses on three floors. See our store index. 
  • An excellent selection of world-renowned labels.
  • Restaurants, gourmet bakery, takeaway, coffee shops, ice cream parlour and a pharmacy.
  • An outstanding multi-screen cinema.
  • World Class, a fully equipped gym.

Opening hours

  • Monday–Wednesday 11-19
  • Thursday 11-21
  • Friday 11-19
  • Saturday 11-18
  • Sunday 13-18

Note that some stores and restaurants have different opening hours.


Smáralind is conveniently situated 7 km from Reykjavik City Center, only a 10-15 minute drive and a few more minutes when travelling by bus.

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We welcome you at the Service Desk

Our service representatives welcome you at the Service Desk on the 2nd floor and will assist you with what you need. At the Service Desk you can buy Smáralind's gift card, get information about public transportation, order a taxi, borrow a baby stroller or a wheel chair free of charge, buy bus tickets and stamps and seek for lost and found items.

You can contact the service desk by dialling +354 528 8000 or by sending an email to thjonusta@smaralind.is

Hnoðrakot - nursery

Hnoðrakot is a cozy and peaceful room where parents can take their children if they need a quiet place to feed their children or change a diaper. Located on the 2nd floor next to the gym, Hnoðrakot has comfortable sofas, baby-changing facilities, a microwave and an area for older children to play shile the baby is tended to.

Smáratívolí - Family Entertainmet Center and Child Care

Smáratívolí, the only indoor family entertainment center in Iceland, is located in Smáralind. Smáratívolí guarantees a great time for all ages so if you want to have an adventurous time with your family or friends, Smáratívolí is a place worth visiting. Smáratívolí also offers childcare for children from the age of 3 years, while parents enjoy their shopping. The kids have a world of their own in the children's area in Smáratívolí. The area is divided in two, one for children at age 1-4 years and the other for children 5 years and older.

Smáratívolí website

Smárabíó - An outstanding multi screen cinema

The top notch cinema complex Smárabíó at the north end of the mall, welcomes visitors with brand new international film selection and crispy local pop-corn. The gem of the five hall selection – alla equipped for conferences and meeting - is the Luxury Hall, already the talk of the town long before its inauguration in 2001.

Smárabíó website