Service desk

The service desk is situated on the second floor. There our service representatives welcome you and assist you with what you need. At the service desk you can for example buy Smáralind´s gift certificate, get information about public transportation and order a taxi, borrow a baby stroller or a wheel chair free of charge, buy bus tickets and stamps and seek for lost and found items. 

Tax Free

When shopping in Iceland you will pay VAT on the goods that you purchase. VAT may be refunded to persons resident abroad if their total value is ISK 6.000 or more. Remember to ask for Tax Free when you shop at Smáralind.    


When a baby needs a new nappy or needs to be fed the parents can go to Hnoðrakot, a cosy and peaceful room with comfortable sofas, baby-changing facilities, microwave and a playing area for older children.  


Smáratívolí offers a childcare for children from 3 years old, while parents enjoy their shopping. Of course the adults can stop and play along. The kids have a world of their own in the childrens area in Smáratívolí. The area is divided in two areas, one is for children at age 1 - 4 years old and the other is for children 5 years and older.