Smáralind is not just a shopping center but also a place to spend quality time together. Regularly there are exciting events taking place in Smáralind, for example kid's entertainment, fashion shows, top notch music performances, exhibits and lots of other exciting things.

Smáratívolí - Family Entertainment Center

The only indoor family entertainment center in Iceland, Smáratívolí, is located in Smáralind. Smáratívolí guarantess a great time for all ages in a setting that has not been seen in Iceland before. If you want to have an adventurous time with your family or friends, Smáratívolí is a place worth visiting.

Smárabíó - Top Class Cinema

The top notch cinema complex Smárabíó welcomes visitors with brand new international film selection and crispy local pop-corn at the north end of the mall. The gem of the five hall selection – all equipped for conferences and meetings – is the Luxury Hall, already the talk of the town long before its inauguration in 2001.